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Track your inventory, orders, and suppliers in one place, using a new AI-based algorithm created by supply chain experts. 8Data will take your store to the next level

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From manufacturing to freight, logistics, and even marketing, 8Data’s product-by-product based inventory algorithm assures you’re always on top of every aspect of your supply chain

Forecasting technology

We offer forecasting technology and tools that will optimize your supply chain with minimal effort


With our sales cycle mapping tools, you can eliminate costly mistakes in your supply chain to maximize revenue



Data is a powerful tool for you to grow your business. 8Data breaks down the areas you need to improve and lets you compare your business against competitors

All your supply chain
metrics in one place

8Data gives you one simple, mapped-out dashboard that lets you quickly view all of your supply chain metrics. Look at your supply chain from beginning to end and see where you can improve

Created by experts
with AI integration

Our app was made by those who understand the supply chain. We realize that an AI-based algorithm could help sellers deal with supply chain issues and focus on selling

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